250cc, 2 cylinder
Horse Power
Dunlop Sport Max
Honda CBR 250RR Forced for rent in Bali

Perfect small sport motorcycle for rent in Bali. This is our exclusive racing project. Installed lightweight aerodynamic body kit, with air channels for better engine purge. Engine is forced, brakes are upgraded, everything is special. Excellent in cornering. The top speed is 200 km/h. In perfect condition. Installed expensive sports tires!

This bike is ready for the track day in Mandalika circuit Lombok. Text us for the more info.

3 ride modes: comfort, sport, sport

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Perfect condition
Quick Shifter (switch gears without clutch)
Brakes Brembo
Lightweight Aerodinamic Body
Racing ECU computer
Forced Racing engine
Compression Up
Racing Radiator
Racing exhaust full system
Racing foot steps
Ready for the track day